Aug 25, 2016


Medical Assistant Training

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Medical assistant careers are fast paced, ever growing and offer much-sought-after job stability. In fact the U.S. Labor Bureau shows medical assistant careers are one of the fastest growing professions today. Typically, accredited medical assistant programs last two years with …

Aug 20, 2016


Medical Assistant Jobs

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Medical assistant jobs are in top demand in the healthcare industry. As the population gets older and retires, the need for new people to fill old positions grows. With a growing national population, more and more people need medical care …

Aug 14, 2016


Medical Assistant Salaries

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Medical assistants make up a group of nearly 500,000 people in the United States who perform administrative tasks that keep medical offices running smoothly. They may answer phones, sort paperwork and perform various clerical tasks. Depending on the training of …

Aug 9, 2016


Careers in the Medical Field

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The medical field is posed for rapid expansion in the coming years. This pair with the retirement of the baby boomer generation is paving the way for a vast amount of new job opportunities. This is also creating a has