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When students give their academic essays or research assignment to writing companies, their expectation is that they will receive well written, original products that they don’t have to revise before submitting to their lecturers. This is because they don’t have much time to get the work done by themselves and so they feel hiring someone else to do it on their behalf at a fee will help the situation. Unfortunately, this does not work well for most students because some writing companies do not always keep their word. For students, this problem starts when they receive numerous results to their online searches for writing companies. They have no way of knowing which writing company is being truthful in its claims and which one is not because even companies that have no intention of producing good work as agreed with their clients, claim to offer quality services.

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Because of this, there is a growing need to empower students with practical approaches that they can use to identify reputable writing companies online. We advise any student who might be considering hiring a writing company to ensure that the firm they hire has a mechanism of addressing the grievances in case they arise. There are several places where students can find clues that signal danger. These include:

  1. The writing companies order form. Where the order form is very shallow and asks for basic information like writing genre, length of assignment and deadline, a student should develop cold feet. A good company will seek more information than this. It will want to know for instance, what formatting style a student wants, what resource materials the student wants used and will want to know the student’s academic level.

  2. Customer reviews: these can provide students with invaluable information that will tell them whether the company is real or is a sham. Students can access customer reviews through the company’s website as well as its social media sites

  3. Company’s Website: This will speak a lot about a writing company and students need to pay attention at organization of online content, the company policies and writing samples. A good company will have its content presented in a professional coherent manner that reflects its capacity to deliver. It will state clearly in it policies what rights its customers have e.g. right to receive timely and accurate information or request for revisions if they are not happy. A good writing company will go an extra step to let its customer know the credentials of its writers and provide written samples so customer can know what to expect.

  4. Contacts: A good company ensures that it can be reached through multiple channels and not email only. Often such company will provide a working telephone number and a chat service.

Even with an understanding of all these qualities, visiting is the easiest way to find a writing service that you can trust. On this platform, you will find reports showing how different writing perform on important qualities such as quality, timeliness, affordability, customer support and satisfaction. The high their ranking on the report the credible they are. Students can gain quick access to some of the best services by using the links provided below.