Careers in the Medical Field

Aug 9, 2016


Careers in the Medical Field

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The medical field is posed for rapid expansion in the coming years. This pair with the retirement of the baby boomer generation is paving the way for a vast amount of new job opportunities. This is also creating a has created a big deficit of medical personnel. There is a gap in medical professionals from entry level to executive management. This guide will give you some basic information on careers in the medical field.

Available positions range from nursing assistants, hospital orderlies to board certified physicians specializing in various areas of medicine and everything in between. The biggest deficit, however, falls in the field of registered nurses and physicians assistants. Registered nurses are needed throughout the United States in hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, hospices, nursing homes, and other medical facilities.

Other careers in the medical field include, respiratory therapy, x-ray technician, radiation services (CT, MRI), physical therapy and other specialized medical fields. All of these careers require specialized education and training, but it is worth the effort as the salary of these careers is high, with a very low unemployment rate. This matters more than ever in these tough economic times. People in the medical field will receive wages and salaries that are well above the norm.

With the exception of the most entry level positions, for example CNAs, who are usually paid little more than minimum wage, those who choose careers in the medical field are paid well and can often earn as much or even more than corporate executives. There is a downside, however. Many medical professionals, especially physicians and nursing staff, are often be required to work long hours as you are sometimes needed to be on call. These are demanding positions and require a person with a high physical endurance and a strong mind to handle the many ups and downs that come with working in medical field.

Careers in the medical field also include mental health, nutrition, and addiction. These fields require training in addition and education to the normal requirements for a particular position. If you are interested or working in one of these fields, you should be prepared for continuous changes in the science and application of your chosen area of expertise as many of these fields are routinely updated with new drugs and therapy options. The sciences of these special fields are ever-changing and you must be able to adjust and change along with them

If you are planning on entering the medical field now, you are making a great choice. The job outlook for medical careers is not only stable but as mention steadily on the rise. Just be sure to remember that the more education and the more specialized education you are, the better your salary and demand will be. It may be a long hard road towards your degree, but in the end it will all be worth it.

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