Medical Assistant Training

Aug 25, 2016


Medical Assistant Training

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Medical assistant careers are fast paced, ever growing and offer much-sought-after job stability. In fact the U.S. Labor Bureau shows medical assistant careers are one of the fastest growing professions today. Typically, accredited medical assistant programs last two years with almost a 100% rate of employment post-graduation. And, Certified Medical Assistants (CMA’s) who have an Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting have the highest employment rate.

Medical assistants pay an integral role in the operation of hospitals, primary care physician’s offices, specialists, and surgical offices. Medical assistants find their careers both challenging and rewarding by performing important tasks such as checking vital signs, organizing medical records and advising patients on post care treatment. The rewards are in knowing that you helping those in need of medical assistance and that you are a vital part of the organization in which you belong.

Medical assistant careers are divided into two separate concentrations; administrative and clinical. Those who enjoy organizing, filing, accounting, and general management responsibilities will likely prefer a concentration in medical office administration. Those who prefer directly assisting physicians and working with patients will choose to focus on clinical applications.

The medical field continues to grow at a rapid pace and medical assistants find themselves on the front lines working with patients, nurses, surgeons and other medical personnel. In a recent survey the majority of medical assistants responded that their careers were extremely satisfying as they provided valuable services and that they felt their medical assistant careers opened doors to other medical occupations such as nursing and health management.

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