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You want to lose weight quickly ? With the summer before the door, you are certainly not the only one! Many people start a fast diet just before the holidays . The bad news: many of those people fail to become or remain much slimmer.

Do you really want to see visible results? And are you trying to prevent a yo-yo effect ? Then you will have to avoid the pitfalls of the most frequently heard advice. We explain to you today how fast you can lose weight, and give you a free diet for extra support!

Quickly lose kilos?

You quickly lose weight and lose weight quickly. The one means that you want to see a lighter weight on the scale very quickly . The other means that you want to fit in smaller clothes as quickly as possible and want to become slimmer. Although many people think that is the same, that is certainly not the case.

You can easily lose a lot of weight without losing fat. With a low- carbohydrate diet , for example, you lose moisture. That gives quick results on the scale, but with the naked eye you see little difference! Conversely, you often get a little heavier when you build more muscle – but you look slimmer.

In short: make sure you set up your goal in the right way. Yes, you want to lose weight quickly, but the scale is not always your best tool for that! Instead, you can focus better on visible results.

How quickly lose weight?

Then of course the question is: how fast is weight loss? Many online diets promise insane results such as 5 kilos per week. Unfortunately, it is physically impossible to burn 5 kilos of fat in a week . That is equivalent to a total energy shortage of about 40,000 kcal: one kilogram of fat yields 7,700 kcal. If you burn 2,000-2,500 kcal per day, that will not work.

(That 5 kilos per week usually comes mainly from loss of fluid and muscle loss, but you will not lose weight if you lose weight, and you will not get any better muscle loss.) That’s not the kind of thing you go for!)

The maximum caloric deficit that you can sustain in the long term is about 500 kcal per day. This is about 3,500 kcal per week, ie half a kilogram of fat. If you are overweight or just starting out, the result may still be slightly higher. However, more than a kilo per week is unrealistic and unhealthy.

Fast weight loss: diet tips

In short: if you deal with weight loss properly, it will never go as fast as you would like to secretly. That’s okay. Keep in mind that this is the only way to really look better and avoid a yo-yo effect. Maybe it will take a bit longer, but in any case you will not be back to your current weight in a year!

And how do you do that, lose weight quickly? The following 10 tips form the basis.

1. A calorie deficit of 20%
To lose weight, you need a calorie deficit. In this way you force your body to burn fat to release enough energy . However, too much energy deficiency is unhealthy: you lose muscle tissue and you run into nutrient deficiencies.

About 20% of your energy requirement is the maximum energy shortage we still recommend. How much that is, for example, can you calculate with our online tool . If you choose the option to lose weight, he calculates how many calories you should eat per day.

2. Eat proteins
No, you do not have to start eating low on carbohydrate. As said before, that mainly causes moisture loss, and not necessarily fat burning . That caloric deficit is more important than the precise composition of your macros.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to eat enough protein . They provide more satiety and therefore help you to ” eat ” less automatically . In addition, proteins are essential for muscle growth. Under point 8 you can read why it is so important to make weight loss possible!

3. Eat fiber
Also essential is your fiber intake. Fibers provide practically no calories, but they do fill up properly. It may be clear why that is a plus for your calorie intake! So eat a lot of vegetables , fruit and whole grain products.

4. Try intermittent fasting
Intermittent fasting – short periods of fasting – does not work for everyone. But can you find a variant that fits your body? Then this is an excellent way to create a calorie deficit without suffering from hunger .

IF does not necessarily mean that you do not eat for days. You can not eat anything between 19:00 in the evening and 11:00 in the morning, for example. That way your press balance will usually eat less.

5. Replace your snacks
Looking for a quick way to save calories? Take a good look at your snacks. Many people eat three healthy meals a day, and then ruin everything by snacking too much. A bowl of crisps or a few biscuits quickly deliver hundreds of kcal.

That does not mean that you can not check at all; it is only sensible to snack in other ways. Fruit and vegetables are very low-calorie options. For example, wholegrain crackers with lean spreads are also a great option.

6. Drink a lot of water
Ironically, your body will store more water when you drink too little. This leads to weight gain and a somewhat ‘paffy’ face. Not healthy and not good for your tight body, so. For that reason it is important to drink about two liters daily.

And pay attention: make sure that the moisture comes out of water, tea and possibly a few cups of coffee. Drinks as soft drinks, fruit juice and alcohol deliver a lot of calories and fill for no meter. You better avoid them.

7. Not full, but saturated
Many people eat more chronically than they need – and more than they think. This is partly because we have a pretty disturbed picture of food in our society. We like to eat until we are full, and that every meal again. No wonder you arrive!

Try to go standard for 80% saturation instead. You ate at that time enough to not get hungry for a few hours. On the other hand, you still do not feel like you can burst out of your pants at any moment …

8. Start with strength training
Fast weight loss depends on your diet for about 80%. You can still give that other 20% a boost by also exercising. And no, you do not necessarily have to go running! In fact, strength training is often a lot more effective.

There are several reasons for this. For example, strength sports provides more after burning. Muscle tissue also speeds up your metabolism , causing you to burn more calories throughout the day. Even in peace! A final advantage is that with more muscles you quickly look much tighter.

9. Do HIIT
Do you want to run anyway, or do you want to do some extra cardio besides that strength training? Then check if HIIT is something for you. The idea of interval training is very simple: you alternate short efforts with rest periods. This way you can move much more intensively than with endurance training.

With HIIT you save a lot of time – after all, you do not have to spend hours on that treadmill. Moreover, with those short training sessions you prevent your body from producing too much stress hormone, which is also detrimental to your weight loss .

10. Sleep well
And then another unexpected tip to make losing weight easier: take care of enough sleep! If you are tired and stressed, your body makes more cortisol , the stress hormone. This ensures extra fat storage and more muscle breakdown.

In addition, you get more appetite if you sleep little, and your self-control deteriorates … It will be clear that that is a dangerous combination. Fast weight loss also means that you dive into your bed in time!