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Just like running, it is important to walk in the right way , otherwise you will not notice the positive effects.

Maintaining a smooth pace is essential, because it ensures that you reach a certain intensity, so that your body will burn up to almost twice as many calories at the same time as at a slow walking pace. In addition, it is important to go hiking often.

How do you know if you are walking at the right pace? And which things are even more important to pay attention to? Here are some vital tips to help you out in find the right techniques to lose weight efficiently.

1. Tempo

Walk at a brisk pace and keep this speed on. You could travel at least 5 kilometers per hour at a rapid pace. That means that you would have to travel one kilometer in 12 minutes.

2. Walk long enough Take

enough time for a walk and walk long enough. You should walk for at least 30 to 60 minutes for the desired effect.

3. Walk often

Walk at least 4 times a week, but more is better. That is why I advise to go hiking every day.

4. Good posture

Walk upright. Pull your shoulders back, chest forward, keep your back straight and keep your head upright.

5. Small steps

Make several small passes per minute instead of large long steps.

6. Breathing

Watch your breathing while walking. Breathe deeply through your nose and breathe from your stomach. Do not underestimate proper breathing while walking. Once you’ve mastered walking and it’s getting faster and easier, I advise you to jog and build up pieces. Discover here everything about losing weight with running..