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A herbal Supplement for Man Boobs Gynectrol is an effective treatment for this breast formation condition. To understand it further, Gynecomastia is a medical term for breast formation in men. Not much is said about it but it happens regularly.

Breast formation can be caused by an enlarged glandular disc, excess skin, excess fat, or a non-physical cause. However, one thing is certain: breast formation often leads to great insecurity in men. If you feel insecure due to gynecomastia, breast reduction is a good solution. During this breast reduction operation, the excess fat tissue is removed.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the development of abnormally high breast tissue in men due to an imbalanced hormone level during puberty. There are different forms of breast formation in men. For example, there may be excess glandular tissue, adipose tissue or a skin surplus. Gynecomastia is caused by physical and non-physical causes. Factors such as heredity, the endocrine system or medication play a role in this.

The first consultation

During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will ask you about your wishes and expectations. The options will be discussed in response to this. Together you determine which treatment method is most suitable for you. Your plastic surgeon will provide detailed explanations during this interview, identify any risks and complications, and show you the results you can expect. The difference between the different gyneacomastic treatments is also explained.

The treatment

What the surgery will look like depends on the type of gynecomastia. We distinguish between two breast-reducing operations:

Removing excess glandular tissue

Removing the excess skin

Male breast reduction – remove glandular tissue

Breast reduction man – liposuction

Male breast reduction – remove glandular tissue and liposuction

Male breast reduction – remove glandular tissue, liposuction and skin reduction


Recovery after the breast reduction procedure

How quickly you recover after gynecomastia treatment depends on the type of breast correction and your body’s response to the procedure. You need on average about two weeks to fully recover. After about two weeks you will return to our clinic to check the end result.

The first week after the correction, the breast will be sensitive and the swelling will continue to increase. After about a week it will decrease automatically. This natural response from the body is nothing to worry about.

You are on your way to recovery and should normal precautions and care that follow after surgery and as informed by your surgeon.

The scars, however, are a different thing altogether. They would stay

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