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Hives are a reaction of the skin, it is also known as Urticaria or Galbulten. Everyone comes into contact with it sooner or later, regardless of gender and age.

What is hives?

Hives are an itchy reaction of the skin, which may result in slight tinted swollen spots. You can compare these bumps with the bumps that you get when you touch in nettles. Hives can arise from nothing but also disappear within a few hours or within a few days.

How do you get Nettle rose

Hives are a result of an allergic reaction. You are extra sensitive to a certain substance. Exactly how hives develop on your skin is still unclear, but usually this happens when you are hypersensitive to the following:
Medicines such as antibiotics or aspirin
Eating chocolate, nuts, fruit or eggs
Dyes and / or flavor enhancers
Contact with plant and chemical substances
Mosquitoes or other insects

In addition to the above items, hives can also arise due to tension and pressure on work, for example. Because of this pressure, the substance histamine is created in your skin. This substance causes skin rashes.

To treat

Hives can be treated, but in most cases the symptoms will be resolved within two weeks. It is then good to avoid the substances for which you are sensitive to reaction. In addition, you should also avoid as much alcohol, aspirin, stress and heat as possible. These substances can aggravate the reaction. You should also not scratch on the sensitive areas. Finally, it is best if you wear loose clothes, so that the clothes will not scour the sensitive areas.

Hives that persist for more than 6 weeks require further investigation. Even when this happens, the source of the hives must be found. Further research will include allergies and skin tests from which you can conclude for which you are allergic.


You can use the following medicines against hives. These are anti-allergy agents that ensure that you get no / lesser allergic reaction from a certain substance.

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