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Low TEstosterone Booster- Naturally

Why is it so important to increase your testosterone naturally?

To increase muscle mass and strength. The higher the testosterone levels, the easier it is to gain muscle mass and strength. You will have to reduce your body fat by up to 15% if you want to achieve it.

-Strong bones (and less risk of osteoporosis).

-It can help treat certain emotional disorders such as depression.

Ways to increase testosterone

Train at high intensity

Strength workouts are the only ones that have been shown to raise testosterone levels. Repeated exercises that force you to use as much muscle mass as possible.

Not so aerobic exercises, that is, if our purpose is to increase testosterone levels, running is not the same as doing weight training or spinning. Rest days are essential. Beware of over training. Do not pass. Stopping yourself will lower your testosterone levels and increase your cortisol levels.


I transcribe below the WHO and FAO recommendations: Specific recommendations in the report include reducing fat to 15 to 30% of total daily caloric intake and saturated fat to less than 10%. The report indicates that the bulk of the caloric needs should be covered by carbohydrates (between 55 and 75% of the daily intake), but that refined (added) sugars should be kept below 10%. The intake of salt, if possible iodine, should be kept at less than 5 grams per day, while the intake of fruits and vegetables should be at least 400 grams. The recommended protein intake is 10 to 15%. The report also notes that physical activity is a determining factor in energy expenditure.


Let’s be clear. Few substances are worse for your body than alcohol. The influence of alcohol on testosterone levels depends on the amounts consumed. Research by the Nutrition and Food Research Institute shows that a decrease in alcohol intake is greater than 1.5 g / kg for men (equivalent to 4-6 cans of beer or 4-6 cups). dose-dependent testosterone levels.

And with this information, each one decides in an informed and conscious way, what they want to do on weekends when they go out with friends. By drinking a couple of beers once in a while you are not going to have serious problems.


Three important points:

-Most of the testosterone is produced during sleep.

-Sleeping is where the muscle is built. In the gym, it is stimulated. In the kitchen it nurtures. But it is sleeping where it really grows.

-Few hours of sleep increase your cortisol levels.

Avoid chronic stress

Stress: Cortisol. Cortisol and stress are useful and necessary, but if they get too long, problems start. So do avoid excess stress.

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