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Sweating: nobody really loves it. Many people even find it particularly embarrassing when they are bothered by it. Even in the gym, a dark spot under your armpit can feel very embarrassing! Yet you often hear that it is really essential to sweat a lot when you are at the gym. If you didn’t sweat, that’s how the story goes, you probably didn’t do that much sensible. visit the up coming post

Sweating would also help you to lose weight. How much is there from where? Is much sweating indeed essential, or are there many more factors of importance? And what do you do if you sweat too much? All questions that we will discuss in the blog today.

Why are you sweating?

As mentioned before, sweat is mainly an annoyance for many people, which they tackle with a lot of soap and deodorant. However, sweating is a particularly necessary physical process! This is namely the most important method of your body to remove excess heat. When your sweat glands produce moisture, it evaporates on your skin. With evaporation, cold is released, with the result that your body cools down slightly.

Certainly, on hot days, this happens throughout the day. And of course, this also explains why you sweat when you exercise intensively. After all, contracting your muscles also releases a lot of extra heat that you have to get rid of in one way or another.

Personal factors

How much you sweat differs per person. On average, everyone has between two and four million sweat glands all over the body – so that can make a big difference. In addition, those glands are not equally active in everyone! For example, it may well be that people with fewer sweat glands eventually sweat much more.

On average, men sweat a little more than women (although they also have fewer glands on average). Body size is also a factor that matters a lot. Smaller people generally sweat less. If you have a lot of muscles or a lot of fat, that can also lead to more perspiration.

Sweating with exercise

All in all, your sweat volume depends on quite a few factors, such as gender, physique, and simply your genes. From that, you can actually immediately conclude that it is not possible to make a direct link between a lot of sweating and intense effort! Someone who is already sweating a lot will have to do much less to get out of the gym dripping.

So you should certainly not be embarrassed if you do not sweat extremely heavily while you exercise. A good sweat production can mean that your condition is in good shape. People who train regularly often have more active sweat glands because the body is forced to make heat regulation more efficient.

Is sweating important?

Is it important or not to sweat a lot? The short answer is: it is a bad sign if you don’t sweat at all. That means either that your body can overheat, or that you just don’t exert yourself that way. The latter is usually the case when you are exercising with bone-dry armpits. With cardio, the rule of thumb is that you have to produce some sweat in the first ten minutes.

If that does not happen, then it is still allowed to go a step further. But it doesn’t really matter how much you sweat. Someone with large damp spots all over his shirt is definitely not better by definition! There are simply too many other factors that play a role in that.

Is a lot of Sweating Important during Exercise?