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Graziano Pellè, football player, top scorer of Feyenoord Rotterdam and also a style icon might be even more famous because of his hairstyle than because of his football qualities. What is this for a haircut and can you create it yourself?


Graziano Pellè started his career at US Lecce in Serie A, which was in the 2003/04 season. After a number of rental periods, he landed in Serie B in 2006/07 with Cesena. After a good season that resulted in a transfer to AZ Alkmaar. At AZ he did not make much impression in 4 years time and eventually he left for Parma in the Serie A. This was not an undivided success and after a rental period at Sampdoria he finally came back to the Netherlands. He surprised friend and foe by signing at Feyenoord Rotterdam. Initially this was on a rental basis, but in the end Feyenoord finally managed to snare him.

The Graziano Pelle haircut

After his arrival at Feyenoord, this footballer quickly became popular. Not only his goals were appreciated, but also his hairstyle became extremely popular in a short time. Many young football fans had their haircut at the hair salon and soon the older man followed. In a few months, the hairstyle was indispensable from the Dutch street scene. The hairstyle is distinguished by a retro look from the 1960s. It is a half-length hairstyle with a tightly shaved and overflowing side and back. The side part can be applied with the comb but it is also possible to have it shave in the hairdressing salon. Carefully combing the hair and applying a good amount of pomade to the hair is then sufficient to walk around the whole day with the Graziano Pellè hairdo.


Pomade is a fatty substance that can be applied in both dry and wet hair. It is characterized by the wet look. This is also a product that does not become hard and can therefore be styled throughout the day. Pomade is also available on a water basis which simplifies hair washing.

Apply pomade

Make sure you distribute the product well over your palms, then apply it evenly in the hair. For that, preferably, do not start at the front of your haircut but at the back. This is a simple tip that makes evenly distributing the pomade easier.

Other celebrities with this hairstyle

Outside of the Netherlands, this hairstyle is best known as the schoolboy divorce from the sixties, but this does not make it less popular. Ryan Gosling, Robbie Williams and David Beckham, among others, have used this style.

Pellè’s beard

Pellè’s hairstyle is not the only thing that makes him known. The beard of Pellè is just as important. This is a short trimmed beard where the neckline and the cheek lines are tightly finished. It soon became known that Pellè went to a barber in Rotterdam for the care of his head hair and beard. For more information and tips on getting and keeping the beard see tips for the male beard.


At the same time as the rise of this hairstyle, the barber became increasingly well-known in the Netherlands. A barber is a hairdresser who, in addition to the hair, can also take care of the cutting and care of the beard. The word barber comes from the Latin word barba which means beard.

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